Pu'u O'o Diptych.tiff

Pele is in Hawaii.

She rumbles and hisses,

             steams and crackles

As she consumes

             and creates Puna.

Flashing in the heavens,

             on and on.

The end is in the sea.

May a deep respect

             come to us.

O Pele.

Your name is Pele.


-traditional Hawaiian chant

The magical nature and culture of Hawai'i have been major influences on my work since the 1980s.


My partner and I lived for more than 20 years in Pahoa, Hawai'i, until the volcanic eruption of 2018 forced us to leave.


Living now in the Netherlands, we keep Hawai'i in our hearts.

Pu'u O'o Diptych, 2020, 76"h x 70'w woven, dyed, ink.