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Stills 1-6, 1996, 12"h x 24"w each.

briding worlds 24 frames.jpg

In 1996 I was one of ten artists invited to participate in Bridging Worlds: The Visiting Artists Jacquard Project at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, where we worked with technicians and graduate assistants on industrial power looms and state-of-the-art computer programs.


"It's heady having all that technology snap to and start spewing out reams of cloth so rapidly it is impossible to follow the rapier shuttles rocketing through the warp...The 14" repeat was the culprit for many of the artists. It manifested itself in all its dominant regularity....Emily DuBois approached the repeat similarly but for a different purpose. Yardage was not a consideration; she concentrated on single images in a linear format to weave a long scroll. Using the 14" repeat as a frame, she scanned and then wove a series of images, like film stills, taken from her collected images of natural patterns, Taoist and Tai Chi diagrams, ethnic fabrics and architecture. She fit the Jacquard project into her ongoing methods and visions rather than undertaking it as a discrete endeavor separate from an established way of working...." -- Margot Mensing, Enter: Repeat, in Bridging Worlds: The Visiting Artists Jacquard Project catalog, 1996.

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