Yellow Leaf.png

My decades-long taiji practice gives me a way to call up a sense of vital energy in my art.

Unlike Chinese brush painting, with its very direct evidence of qi (energy, spirit, breath, life force), most of my art practices require me to sustain a vision through a succession of involved, indirect  processes.


Being in a state of relaxed alertness can keep a creative flow moving that is organized yet open to possibilities.

“`Her subjects include the illusive forces of nature - wind, water - ephemeral elements that are often invisible yet leave powerful records of their effects….Life giving forces that move so slowly, so quietly, that their power is often underestimated and taken for granted….


Utilizing the complex technologies she has mastered, she creates elaborate patterns which are presented in elegantly simple formats.”


— Nouvel Objet III, Seoul, Korea, 1997.

Yellow Feather, 2007, 22"h x 12"w, dyed, woven, pieced.