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“The search for the unknown quantity that is more than merely transforming raw materials is an integral part of art making….Rarely does an artist allow the public to view this vulnerable aspect of the creative process.  And it is precisely this concept — of working without preconceived notions of desired results — that gave the collaboration its dimension and vitality.” — Chelsea Miller, Media Collaborations, Artweek, 3/26/83

Woven Music was a month-long project/performance that I initiated with pianist Michael Elinson and photographer Carley Fonville, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and Fiberworks Center for the Textile Arts, Berkeley, CA, 1983. We explored the correspondence between a player piano and a dobby loom, which have similar mechanisms.

Postcard announcement for Woven Music, 1983. 

Photo: Carley Fonville.

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